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Alloy steel-4140

Equivalent grades GB DIN AISI JIS  
42CrMo 1.7225  4140 SCM440  
Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr  Mo P S  
0.38-0.43 0.40max 0.60-0.90 0.90-1.20 0.15-0.30 0.035max 0.035max  
Available size Round Bar Diameter Length
70-600mm 2000-6000mm
Flat Bar Thickness Width Length
25-400mm 200-800mm 2000-6000mm
Surface condition Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined
Annealed hardness HBS≤217
Characteristics special alloy steel, engineering steel supplied in quenched and tempered conditions. Very good machinability. High toughness. High creep strength. Repeated impact resistant capability.
Applications components with high requirements on toughness, e.g. gear wheels, pinions, connecting rods, parts for mechanical engineering 
Heat Treatment Forging Heat to 1150℃.  Hold until uniform. Minimum forging temperature 850℃。Cool slowly in ashes or sand etc.
Annealing Heat to 830℃-850℃。Cool in furnace.
Normalising Heat to 870℃-900℃。Cool in still air.
Stress Relieving Annealed: Heat to 600℃-650℃。Hardened: Heat to 500℃-550℃。Cool in still air.
Hardening Heat to 830℃-880℃. Quench in oil or polymer.
Tempering Heat to 450℃-700℃ cool in still air. NB. Tempering within the range 200℃-420℃ will result in temper brittleness and should be avoided.

Alloy steel-4140
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