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About Us

HUANGSHI XIRI TRADING CO., LTD has been a supplier of quality tool steel since 2017 in Huangshi, China.
As we understand that quality is the life of the enterprise. We strictly control every section in production and conduct strict quality inspections before shipment to ensure that you always receive the highest quality products.
But for us to add real value we must provide you with more than just tool steel. Our goal is to be your provider of tool steel solutions. Solutions that improve tooling efficiencies, extend tool life and reduce your overall tooling costs. Are you experiencing tooling that shows signs of premature wear, or has problems with cracking? These problems reduce the productivity of your tool and may be the result of ...


We are tool steel distributor and exporter. We supply cold work tool steel, hot work tool steel..
We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and business solutions to our custom.....
Cold work tool steel: 1.2080, 1.2345, 1.2363, 1.2379, 1.2436, 1.2510, 1.2550, 1.2767, 1.2842; ..