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Hot work tool steel-H11

Equivalent grades GB DIN AISI JIS BS
4Cr5MoSiV 1.2343 H11 SKD6 BH11
Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr P S V  Mo Other
0.36-0.42 0.90-1.20 0.30-0.50 4.80-5.80 0.03MAX 0.03MAX 0.25-0.50 1.10-1.40 -
Available size Round Bar Diameter Length
60-800mm 2000-6000mm
Flat Bar Thickness Width Length
25-400mm 200-800mm 2000-6000mm
Surface condition Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined
Annealed hardness HB299MAX
Characteristics Steel H11
Excellent homogeneity , Excellent toughness
High thermal ability, High resistance of thermal shocks
Good thermal conductivity, High cleanliness
Good polishing ability. 
Applications Steel H11
die casting tools(aluminum and aluminum alloys)
extrusion tools of tubes, hot shear knives
barrels and sections made of light metals and alloys
cylinders and screws for plastic processing
hydro forming tools 
Heat treatment Hardening
Harden from a temperature of 1000-1040oC followed by air, oil quenching or warm bath quenching 500-550oC. Hardness after quenching is 50-56 HRC.
Tempering temperature: See the data bellow.
Tempering Temperature (oC) vs. Hardness (HRC)
100oC 200oC 300oC 400oC 500oC 550oC 600oC 650oC 700oC -
53 52 52 52 54 52 48 38 30 -
1845 1790 1790 1790 1910 1790 1570 1200 970 -

Hot work tool steel-H11
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