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Hot work tool steel-H10

Equivalent grades GB  DIN  AISI  JIS  -
- 1.2365 H10 - -
Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr P S Mo V -
0.28-0.35 0.10-0.40 0.15-0.45 2.70-3.20 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 2.60-3.00 0.40-0.70 -
Available size Round Bar Diameter Length
16-800mm 2000-6000mm
Flat Bar Thickness Width Length
16-400mm 100-800mm 2000-6000mm
Surface condition Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined
Annealed hardness HB230MAX
Characteristics good plasticity,ductility,weldability,cold performance and a certain 
degree of intensity
Applications Suitable for Aluminum Extrusion Die, and Aluminum Cooper forging Die
Heat treatment Soft annealing °C   750-800°C
Cooling  Furnace
Hardness HB  max.185
Hardening °C   1030-1050 °C
Quenching   Oil or saltbath,500-550 °C
Hardness after quenching HRC 52

Hot work tool steel-H10
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