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Cold work tool steel-1.2767

Equivalent grades GB  DIN  AISI  JIS  -
- 1.2767 6F7 SNCM2 -
Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr P S Mo Ni -
0.40-0.50 0.15-0.30 0.15-0.45 1.20-1.50 ≤0.03 ≤0.03 0.15-0.35 3.80-4.30 -
Available size Round Bar Diameter Length
60-800mm 2000-6000mm
Flat Bar Thickness Width Length
25-400mm 200-800mm 2000-6000mm
Surface condition Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined
Annealed hardness 265~310HBS
Characteristics extremely wear resistance,high impact and compression strength
high polishability, suitable for polishing, texturing
repeated impacts and strong pressures in service
high level hardenability and toughness, fully hardenable in all dimensions
Applications highly stressed pressing and injection moulds, coining tools
stamping dies, hobbing tools, cold shear blades for thickest
cutting materials, dies and punches for horizontal forging machines, rolls
for hot work bending machines, mandrel holders for extrusion mandrels, forging
dies, industrial blades and abrasive stress, plastic moulds
Heat Treatment Harden from a temperature of 840-870oC followed by oilair or warm bath (180-220oC)
quenching. Hardness after quenching is 56 HRC. 

Cold work tool steel-1.2767
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