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Cold work tool steel-1.2379

Equivalent grades GB DIN AISI JIS BS
Cr12Mo1V1 1.2379 D2 SKD11 BD2
Chemical Composition C Si Mn Cr P S V Mo  Other   
1.50-1.60 0.10-0.40  0.15-0.45 11.50-12.50  0.03MAX 0.03MAX  0.90-1.10  0.60-0.80  -
Available size Round Bar Diameter Length
60-800mm 2000-6000mm
Flat Bar Thickness Width Length
25-400mm 200-800mm 2000-6000mm
Surface condition Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined
Annealed hardness HB225MAX
Characteristics Very high resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear due to a high volume of hard carbides in the steel matrix
moderate machinability, good dimensional stability,
toughness and through harden ability
Applications Shear blades,Thread rolling dies,Drawing and bending tools
Flanging and straightening rolls,Fine cutting tools
Deep drawing tools,Plastic mould for abrasive polymers
Cold extrusion dies,Drawing dies
Heat treatment Hardening
Harden from a temperature of 1000-1040oC followed by oil, warm bath (500-550oC, cooling bath or air. Hardness after quenching is 62-64 HRC.
Tempering temperature: 150-550oC
Tempering Temperature (oC) vs. Hardness (HRC)
100°C 200°C 300°C 400°C 500°C
63 61 58 58 59
Mechanical properties Density 7.7[g/cm3]
Thermal Conductivity         20.20 W/(m/k)
Specific heat capacity[J/g.K] 0.46
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 10-6 oC-1
20-100°C 20-200°C 20-300°C 20-400°C 20-500°C
9.8 11.7 12.1 12.8 12.9

Cold work tool steel-1.2379
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